This article is about the older sister. For the younger sister who uses the same name, see Airi Homura.

Airi Homura
Kanji 穂村 アイリ
Rōmaji Homura Airi
Alternate Names Aira Homura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Family Airi Homura (Twin younger sister)
Professional Status
Occupation Elementary School Student
First Apperance Chapter 127

"He's right, Aira. You're not me. Didn't I said it to you... that you have your own strong point too... You should have live with your own style. If you don't, that just mean that I wasted my life to save you... Aira, my cute sister... Even since our childhood, I've always loved you so much.... good bye"
– Airi replies to her sister, Chapter 128

Airi Homura (穂村 アイリ, Homura Airi) is a mirror character that introduced in third part of the story.




Early StoryEdit

Airi is twin sister of Aira Homura. A lot of people praised Airi's beauty and said to be look better than her younger sister Aira. Airi loves her sister and she always protects her, although Aira don't understand why is she need to be protected.

During the fire incident, Aira decided to die in the fire incident due to her ugly face and claimed no one will care anything about her. When Aira is about to die, Airi comes to save her but in the end only Aira is saved from the fire incident. Due to Airi wears Aira's mask when she's death, everybody mistakenly thought that masked girl is Aira and the damaged face girl is Airi, her family and the doctors mistakenly gives Aira her sister's face instead of her original face. Thus, Aira is now known as "Airi Homura".

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)Edit


Airi touching her sister's head

Airi appeared in Chapter 129 as a fantasy, she meet her younger sister after Yuuma told her should be live. Airi said that Aira should have to lives with her own style instead of just copying her. Airi also stated that she always loved her sister even since their childhood. Soon, Airi leaved the area and said farewell to her sister.

Later after Aira's death, she meet her sister once again and Airi is glad that Aira finally come to the Heaven. Airi wonder why is Aira's face have a scar, though she think Aira's scar look good. Aira tells Airi that she is happy to have that scar in her face and said this is her best.



  • Airi have a similar background story as Yuuma and Ataru, except that Ataru is the younger brother and Airi is the older sister, Yuuma is survived from incident and Airi didn't.


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