Ataru Kashiwagi
Ataru Kashiwagi
Kanji 柏木 アタル
Rōmaji Kashiwagi Ataru
Alternate Names Yuuma Kashiwagi (Real Name)
Ataru Marble (In Third Season)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday December 8
Age 17 (Season 1-Season 3)
18 (Epilogue)
Status Alive[1]
Family Shin Kashiwagi (father)
Chitose Kashiwagi (mother)
Yuuma Mukai (older twin brother/clone)
Yuri Kashiwagi (younger sister)
Koyori Kanda (youngest sister)
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Years High School Student
Real Account Member (Season 2-Season 3)
6th Death Game Organizer of Real Account Tower
First Apperance Chapter 1

"No... As I said... I decided to fight! But what I promised myself... is to fight without killing anyone! I've killed a person before... and I never want to do that again..."
– Ataru Kashiwagi when answering Aiji Hoshina's question, Chapter 10

Ataru Kashiwagi (柏木 アタル, Kashiwagi Ataru), or known by his real name Yuuma Kashiwagi (柏木 ユウマ, Kashiwagi Yūma), is the protagonist of the first part of the story, and later serves as one of the main antagonists in second and third part of the story. He has a younger sister, Yuri Kashiwagi.


Ataru is of an average height and build, with gray eyes. He has short black hair with bangs, and a cowlick towards the back.He is shown wearing his school uniform, which consists of a dark blue button-up shirt with a black tie, and gray plaid pants.



Early Story


Young Ataru and Yuuma

Ataru is the real Yuuma Kashiwagi and twin brother of Ataru Kashiwagi. During their childhood, the twins are always disguises themselves to plays the football. The twins were enjoys to playing football so much, until one day an accident happened to Ataru. Yuuma don't want everyone to sad at Ataru's death so he disgusted himself as "Ataru".

Since the incident, "Ataru" believed himself "killed" his older brother (Thought it's later revealed that it's Masahide Eniguma and Marble who killed "Yuuma"), "Ataru" is also shows to lost his ability at playing footballs.

Chapters 1-10 (First Season)

Ataru first appeared at Chapter 1, he back to home from school. Ataru's sister, Yuri Kashiwagi, is waiting for him and she was cooking. Along with Yuri, Ataru is eating lunch at home. Yuri noticed and said that Ataru have no friends but he deny it and said he did have a friends, though it's just a lie. Ataru thinks that compared to in real life, it's way easier to finding friends in the internet, he believed that these friends are actually care about him. Soon, Ataru's smartphone was flashy which caused him getting transferred into internet world, Real Account world.

After being transferred into Real Account World, Ataru wonder where were he and saw Marble arrived. Marble revealed there's a small game to plays now, to seeing how many followers still want to follow the players even if they will be kills soon. Ataru calling Yuri and tells her don't follow him due to he don't want she die with him, but Yuri disagreed with it and said they will always be together. After lessening Yuri's word, while Ataru think she should be follow him but he still wanted to block her to save her life. After Ataru blocked Yuri, he noticed there's still one follower followed Ataru and survived. After the mini game is finished, Ataru showed to be angry and hopes he can give Marble an punishment.


Ataru revealed he being cheating

Soon, Ataru joined the first death game, "No Answer". During the first game, Ataru keep thinking if his face should be "○","△" or "×" while watching how the other players giving marks. When Marble noted that Ruriri Ichijou is also joined this game, Ataru think that Ruriri is beautiful, though after Ruriri's actual face was showed to all players Ataru was surprised at how inaccurate her user icon and actual face look like. When Ruriri is about to die, Ataru saved her and said to her followers that the face isn't important to them but the personality is. Thanks to Ataru's words, Ruriri is survived and have a few followers re-follow her. After Ruriri thanks Ataru, he meet Koyori Kanda who have a similar appearance to his sister, Yuri. After Ataru discovered how to surpasses the game, he tells Marble paused the game a little and tells the other players the way to surpass it. After the discussion, everyone except one man was all surpassed the game. Marble wonder what was Ataru does, he revealed that he was cheating and Marble was surprised. Marble wants to glad that Ataru can used the cheating plan, but he said that other than cheating there's one more way to surpass the game. After Ataru learns an another way to surpass, he was regret and said that man can surpass the game too. When Marble said Ataru is not a hero, Koyori comes to protect Ataru and tells Marble that Ataru is already a hero to her.

During the RT Game, Ataru is thinking which tweet she should to post in public, soon she saw Nanami Misakura posted a tweet that she will stripping her clothes if her RT points reach to 1000. Ataru was surprised at how Nanami's tweet is (And also surprised at how nice her body is), he also wants to do the same thing but soon he realized no one will gonna see his body. After a few minutes of thinking, Ataru finally decided what tweet he should written and post it, though it's ended up only having 3 RT points.

After RT Game, Ataru called Yuri to asking if she is alright or not, soon Ataru give Koyori his smartphone and let both her and Yuri talking together. Then, Marble announced they will live in Real Account Resort for taking rest in one day.

Both Ataru and Koyori enjoying their resting time in Real Account Resort. Later, along with Ataru and Ruriri Ichijou was "assigned" to a group. During the Dark History Trials game, Ataru's dark secret that he "killed" someone was revealed by Aiji Hoshina. Ataru tells everyone stop it and heard about his past, and revealed that Ataru's true name is Yuuma Kashiwagi. After everyone listening Ataru's dark past, Aiji noticed Ataru don't wanted his sister to be sad is just a lying. After Yuri re-follow Ataru once again, Aiji is disappointed at Ataru didn't suicide for Yuri unfollow him. Aiji continue to challenging Ataru and his friends in the whole game afterward. After Ruriri's death, Ataru's want to take revenge for her so Aiji requested Marble to continue the game and both Ataru and Marble accept it. During the game, Aiji keep said Ataru is a useless coward but because of this, Ataru able to founded out his hidden tweet and lose to Ataru.

Koyori kiss Ataru

Aiji thought he is about to die but he didn't due to Ataru didn't actually hit the gong. Aiji said Ataru is a coward because he didn't kill him but Ataru replies that he will try his best to not kill anyone. After Dark History Trails finished, when Ataru is in troubled Koyori kiss his face, Koyori herself have no idea why is she kissing Ataru and tells him to forgot it.

Soon, both Ataru and Koyori back to the Real Account Resort and they saw there's survive ranking showed in the TV. When the ranking revealed Nanami's name, Ataru glad that she is survived. When the 4th ranking place was revealed, Koyori said that's Ataru but he deny it and said that's his twin brother, the real "Ataru Kashiwagi" (While the name is written Yuuma Mukai). Ataru is surprised at "Ataru" being showed up and said why is he still alive.

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)

According to Koyori's flashback, during the SNS Hide-and-Seek Ataru tells Koyori, Aiji and Sayaka Shiiba to goes to his home to hidden themselves from the hunters and DQN Marble. After returning home, Ataru saw Yuri has been waiting for him to returns home, Aiji and Sayaka was shocked that how both Yuri and Koyori look almost identical. Ataru introducing Koyori and the others to Yuri and soon eating dinner together at his home, Yuri thank Ataru that he returned home as he promise. Ataru and the others has been living in his house for a whole day, until the new mission that has to scan their follower's "Marble's mark" was announced.

While Aiji and Sayaka finds their follower in earlier morning, Koyori and Ataru stays in house and they being kissing together. After having kisses, Koyori punched Ataru due to being embarrassing and asking where is Yuri, and Ataru replies that she's still sleeping. Due to this, Koyori stated she wants to do "something" a lovers usually do together. During they doing some stuff, Koyori confession to Ataru and he said that he wants to marries her. They continue doing the adult staff together until Yuri saw them being naked. While Yuri stated that both Ataru and Koyori can doing that kind of thing as long as they're in love, she also stated she wanted to reveals some stuffs to them. Back during Yuri finding Ataru's body, she saw their parent's factory (Which is where most players' body sent to) and founded an image that showed both Yuri and Koyori being birth as a twins. Ataru was shocked that they actually have 4 family members (Ataru, Yuuma, Yuri and Koyori), and realized that he and Koyori cannot be in-love due to they're in fact a brother and sister.

Ataru killed Koyori

This caused Koyori being triggered and evolved to third stage of "symptom" and tried to kill Yuri. Both Ataru and Yuri wonder what's wrong with Koyori and tell her to stop, but Koyori didn't listen. This time, Marble showed up in a TV screen and explained what's "symptom" and the reason why she suffered it. Marble stated Ataru have a two choice to choose, one is to kills Koyori and joins the Real Account company, and two is being killed by Koyori and reveals to worldwide that his family is the "murderers" who started the entire Real Account incident. Then, Marble showed his real face to Ataru and Yuri which caused them being feel despair. Marble questioning Ataru that which choice he will be choose and Ataru chosen the first choice to kills Koyori and joining them, in order to protect Yuri. After Koyori was killed, Ataru stated that he hope she can be live in peace in the otherworld and that even if she's a clone he will still loves her.

Ataru wants to destroys Real Account company while joining them

After the incident, Ataru joins the Real Account company and works with them. During Ataru joining the Real Account company, he think that there's a three reasons that he joins them, first was protecting Yuri, second was Real Account company has a superior technology so it's far more easier to kill Yuuma, and third was to destroying Real Account company all by himself. Ataru wanted to destroys Real Account company as he didn't completely trusts them, and he is afraid that they will hurts Yuri sometimes later.


Ataru returns home and meet Yuuma

Ataru appeared at Chapter 49, he returned to his old home and meet Yuuma. Ataru said he is happy that he is able to see his brother once again and taking his gun to shooting him. Ataru tells Yuuma don't run away and said he is not allowed to live in this world. Ataru keep saying that Yuuma must be died and said Ataru has make a promise with Koyori. After Ataru stabbed Yuuma's nose a bit, Yuuma asking him why is he stopped attacking and he doesn't understand what Ataru was saying at all, Yuuma said that Ataru was a coward and can't kill people. The fight between Ataru and Yuuma keep continuing until Masahide and Marble showed to stopping them, Ataru stopped his attack and back to the Real Account company with them.

Ataru returns once again at Chapter 68, to shows celebrating their victory and the end of the SNS Hide-and-Seek. Sayaka replies that Yuuma's group is arrived as she expected, while Ataru keep being silent.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)


Ataru returns in front of Yuuma

Ataru appeared at Chapter 149, when Sayaka is about to said his reason on killing Yuuma, Ataru showed up and replies let him telling the truth will be better. Ataru replies he will tells the truth to Yuuma, and he also come to gives warning to every players that Yuuma will kills all of them someday later. This caused Yuuma was so angry and said Ataru is the one who coming to kill him, Yuuma replies he still remembers what was happened during they meet at their old home in half years ago and the wound on his nose is still around.


Ataru revealed his partners to Yuuma and other players

When Ataru is talking, Sayaka comes in front of him and replies she wanted to see him so much, Aiji come along and giving Ataru a kiss. Ataru was surprised at Aiji's kiss and asking what's he doing, Sayaka was jealous at Aiji and also wanted to gives Ataru a kiss too, though Ataru tell them stop fooling around. Ataru revealed that Sayaka and Aiji was his partner in half years ago, and revealed there's one of partner works together with him, Koyori. Ataru mentioned at how Koyori's personality is, she keep the same personality up until during sometimes later her personality was suddenly changed. Ataru replies that both Koyori and Yuuma suffered an same "symptom". Ataru said that even though Koyori's personality was changed, he , Sayaka and Aiji still works together with her, until when Koyori's "symptom" has reached to the third stage. Ataru replies that Koyori's third stage of "symptom" is so scary, death isn't meant much to her and he referred her as a "cruel person". Ayame Kamijou wonder what's happened to Koyori and Ataru replies that he killed her, because she will keep destroying the things he loves. Ataru said he make a promise with Koyori that he will kill anyone who have suffered the same symptom as her.

Ataru wears Marble's mask

Yuuma said that he will never become like her, but Ataru disagreed with it and said he must be become like Koyori soon, due to both Yuuma and Koyori have shared similar "thing". Then, Ataru revealed an "present" to Yuuma which is Nanako Yuzuhara's head in front of him (Though it's not actual Nanako's head). Yuuma was gone into third stage of his "symptom" and tried to attack Ataru but it's stopped by Marble's subordinate. After Yuuma returns to normal again, Ataru wears Marble's mask and said he will waiting for him at the tower top. Ataru replies they will ends he and Yuuma's fight at the tower top, and also replies that Yuuma may be the only one who will survived at the tower top.

Ataru angry at Marble

During the Anonymous Classroom game, Ataru is watching the players (Especially Yuuma) in a TV screen along with Marble. After Yuuma returned to his second stage of "symptom" state, Ataru can't believe this and state it's impossible to be returns to the previous state since Koyori never had changes back her original personality. Marble stated that the reason why Yuuma is able to return to "normal" is because of Ayame's love on him but Ataru disagree and being angry at him due to this will meant everything he did to Koyori is completely pointless. Later during Yuuma and his friends was celebrating his birthday, along with Marble was watching them in a TV screen. Marble wonder who will gonna handling the next trial since all other Marbles was defeated, Ataru respond that he will handle the next trial, as the final battle between him and Yuuma is finally begin.

On December 9 (One day after the end of Anonymous Classroom), Ataru standing on the tower top and waiting the remains 18 players coming to the tower top. After all the players comes to the tower top, Ataru introduced the new death game to them. Ataru stated that he don't want the game begin at the tower top due to Yuuma's current situation of "symptom", so the game will be begin on the VR world instead. Soon after Aiji fall into the trap, Ataru explains every players about the actual rules about the new death game and revealed this new trial is named "Fake News Island", that they must finds out at least 9/1 of the people in island was spent fake informations, if the news being fake then the players will fell into the death trap. If the players successes to founded and defeated Ataru, they will be returned to the real world and wins the trial.

After Yuuma, Aiji, Ayame and Sayaka seen Koyori being "alive" and lives in a "Cat City", Ataru explained that this game is take placed in a VR world so the Real Account company are able to copy-paste the decreased players' information, personality, mind, and appearance into the game scripts, so they can "revived" all of them as the NPC characters in the island.


Ataru's hidden place is founded by Yuuma

After Yuuma discovered where's the location Ataru at from Haru Ichinose's hint on sports ground, he and the others come to the rest room. With Yuuma punched the mirror, it's revealed that Ataru is hiding inside a mirror. Yuuma tells Ataru to reveals everything about Koyori Incident and Ataru explains it to them. It's revealed that Yuuma and Koyori is actually a clones created by CAP Technology, and that Ataru still loved Koyori even she is a clone. After explained the staffs, Ataru stated that he is so stupid to refers himself as a "fake thing" when it's actually Yuuma due to the he is a clone. Yuuma, being wonder what Ataru actually wants to said and stated that he knew that he himself is a clone.

Yuuma accepted Ataru's challange

Yuuma stated that even though that he's a clone, he is still him and his character will never change. Ataru being annoyed at Yuuma not scares at the truth, he stated that the trial is not ended yet and they must defeats him in order to go back to the real world. With this, Ataru announced he will fight against Yuuma with using football, just like during their childhood. Ataru stated that he will gonna kill Yuuma in order to save Yuri, while Yuuma stated that younger brother is used to be bullies by his older brother. Then, Yuuma accepted Ataru's challenge and prepare their final battle.

Soon, along with the remaining 15 players went to the football playground. Ataru announced that they will play a second trial named "Fake News Football", each team must have 3 players to join the game, each footballs contains real and fake information written by their MF, if FW player was hit by a football that was written real information will be lose.

Ataru Team Vs Yuuma Team

If the players successful defeated Ataru's team then the trial will be end with Ataru's team getting killed, but if the players was lose will getting kills by the coffin malfunction. With Yuuma chosen Mizuki and Ayame as his partners, Ataru chosen Aiji and Sayaka as his partners. Although it's both Aiji and Sayaka's wish to join Ataru because they're prepared to die together with him. With Ataru taking the FW position, the first match was started. After Mizuki defends Aiji's attack, Mizuki prepared to kick the football against Ataru, but apparently he's not good at playing football so the kicks was missed. Soon after Mizuki was suffering on nightmare dream, Ataru kicked the real information football (Which written Ayame will gives her virginity to Yuuma) at Yuuma's face, which the match ended with Ataru's team win. Soon after the second match is started, Yuuma is prepared to counter-attack with kicked a football against Ataru, but Aiji defends Yuuma's attack which makes him ended up broke the rules and having nightmare dream. With Aiji is in dreaming, Yuuma order Mizuki to kicks the real information football at Ataru and the match ended with Yuuma's team win.


The twins kicked the football at the same time

Soon, the third match was begin, Ataru was trying his best to stop Yuuma from getting the real information football. During the match, Ataru revealed that only Koyori and Yuri is important to him and that both Aiji and Sayaka never like after all the messes he has done. Yuuma got angry at this and said that Ataru was a liar for not trusting his friends, but Ataru deny it and said Yuuma is the one who is liar. Then, Yuuma lied Ataru that Yuri also joined the death games as well. This caused Ataru mistakenly thought Najimi Kurewa was Yuri while wearing mask, Yuuma also told her to drop her mask for him to see but it's revealed that Yuuma was lying. Because of this, Yuuma successful to get the football from Ataru. While Ataru was angry at Yuuma lied him, Aiji kicked the real information football to him and soon both Ataru and Yuuma kicked the football at the same time, the match ended with draw as the result (2 vs 2). After the third match is ended, Ataru saw the information written on the real information football, that Sayaka fell in love with him. Ataru was surprised at that information, he then come close to Sayaka and said sorry to her for never acknowledge about her feeling. After the conversation, the fourth match was started.


"Berserker" Yuuma is prepared to kill Ataru

Soon, after Yuuma was suffered into nightmare dream and evolved into the third stage of "symptom", Ataru just standing in front of him and letting him to punch Ataru. Ataru stated that this trial was made for Yuuma so he will loss the trial by breaking the rules in his "berserker" form, he also stated that he wants to see Yuuma died like a ugly clone that he should be. When Yuuma almost lands his attack, he stopped himself from doing so after seeing the wristband that everyone made for him.

Yuuma defeats Ataru

Soon, Yuuma reverted back to his second stage of "symptom" once again. Ataru was shocked at this and wonders how comes Yuuma still able to reverts back to second stage for not only once was fourth. Then, Yuuma shows the real information football that written "Third stage of "symptom" can be healed" to Ataru. Ataru was shocked once again and stated it must be fake. As Yuuma kicked that football towards Ataru, it's shows that information was real and Ataru lose the match.

After the Fake News Football match is ended, Ataru started crying and wonders what's the point for he doing all of these awful things if Koyori can be saved. Soon, Yuuma invite Ataru to joining their group as he noticed that Ataru isn't a enemy, and that he also wants to destroy Real Account company like Yuuma too. Ataru, then feel angry and stated he can't joins Yuuma's group due to the fact he has been kills a lot of people by his own hands. Yuuma then stated they will "wash" their crimes together.

Yuuma tells Ataru that he will always protect him from dangers

Ataru said that he is the organizer of Fake News Island so he will be getting killed by Marble soon, Yuuma then said he will protects him and gonna stops Marble from doing so. Ataru still wonders why Yuuma wants to helps him despite his crimes, Yuuma stated that he don't care that if he is a clone or not, he is still Ataru's elder brother so he will always protect him from any danger. Ataru cries and asking Yuuma what should he do, Yuuma said it's Ataru's path so he should choose the path by himself, and that he hopes Ataru can calls him "Onii-san" again like back during their childhood. Then, Ataru called Yuuma as elder brother and hugs him while crying.

Soon, Marble shows up and said that he is disappointed at Ataru's strength. As they seen Marble, the twins was angered at him. Marble brought everyone back to the real world and announced that Fake News Island was "ended".

After the trial was "ended", along with remaining 15 players was staying at restaurant room. Ataru had no idea what should he said here. Karua Sakurame and Magura Aizawa points up that while Ataru protecting her sister Yuri is a logical choice, it still doesn't change the fact that he has been killed a lot of people in the past, so they don't wants to befriend with Ataru. Ataru stated he was also think the same thing too so he leaves the room. Soon, Yuuma finds Ataru and have a conversation with him. In the conversation, it's stated that the concept of Fake News Island was created by Ataru himself, in order to grains trusts from Real Account members and forgot his own good side. He also stated that he really have no idea how to made apologies for everyone after all the terrible things he has done. Yuuma, being annoyed at Ataru's reaction, he gives his smartphone to Ataru and let him see how Aiji and Sayaka helps him for apologies. After watched that video, Ataru said he's glad that he have such friends that wants to help him, so he make a decision that he will also made apologies to everyone too. After the apologies, everyone was celebrating a new ally (Ataru) was joined Yuuma's group.


Ataru protect Yuuma

During the celebrating, Ataru realized there's something wrong with this place, and that they still haven't return to the real world yet. Ataru then goes to finds Yuuma and tell him that the trial still haven't end yet. When Yuuma heard about it, he has fall into the death trap. Ataru, in order to save his brother, he pushed Yuuma away while have him attacked by the trap instead, just like how Yuuma saved Ataru during their childhood. As Ataru explaining they're still in VR world, everyone was seen Ataru being badly injured. Ataru told Aiji and Sayaka that they'll always be his best friend and he is glad that he has meet them. As Aiji and Sayaka cries,

Ataru's death

Ataru said that he wants to thanks Yuuma for saves him during their childhood and that he is finally able to said it to him. Ataru also told Yuuma that to take care of Yuri and tell her that Ataru loves her. Then, Ataru wants to tell Yuuma about Marble's true identity, although Yuuma already knew about his true identity. Ataru also stated that it will be better if Yuuma take care of Yuri right after the "symptom" was healed. Then, Ataru said his last words of hoping Yuuma can destroys the Real Account company. Soon, Ataru died with shown his smile. Because of Ataru's death, the Fake News Island trial is finally ended.

Chapter 186-191 (Final Arc)


Ataru in Yuuma's body

While Ataru is dead, it's later revealed that his soul is still alive via in Yuuma's body. As both Yuuma and Ataru were originally the same person, when the previous trial ended, Ataru's soul was transferred into Yuuma's body instead of his own body. Because of Yuuma and Ataru's souls fused together as one, Yuuma's "symptom" is finally healed. As Yuuma successful defeated Marble and almost killed him, Ataru appeared in Yuuma's mind and told him not to kill Marble, as that's not how the trial actually ended. Then, Ataru temporarily used Yuuma's body to have a conversation with Aiji and Sayaka, which shocked everyone for Yuuma's personality "changes". Soon, Yuuma asks Ataru for why he stopped his action, he explains that if Yuuma killed Marble, every internet users will becomes the mindless monkeys due to Real Account company set a virus inside every internet user's brain. This makes Yuuma decided to punches Marble instead of kill him.


Ataru and Yuuma defeats Shin

Soon, when Masahide attempt to kill Marble with a gun, Aiji went to stop him and Yuuma explains that Ataru already predicted that Masahide will kill Marble if their plan was failed. When Yuuma landing his punch on Marble, it's shown Ataru also went to punches Marble via in Yuuma's body. After Yuuma and Ataru punched Marble, the Real Follower Battle trial was finally ended.

Along with his older brother Yuuma, Ataru replaced his smartphone with a hand phone instead.

Chapter 192 (Epilogue)


Ataru in Epilogue

10 months after the end of Real Account Tower incident, along with everyone was told to went into hospital to see Karua's newly-born son, Mamoru Sakurame. When everyone arrived on hospital, Ataru told Yuuma to exchange their body temporarily and asks why did Yuri came to hospital together with Aiji. Soon, Mizuki was angered and told Ataru to get lost as he don't want to see him. Ataru being scared and exchange their body back and stated Mizuki was scary.

Later, along with the others took a group photo and uploaded on Magura's internet account.



  • Ataru doesn't want anyone to know that he and Yuri are poor; as a result, he's rather stingy.
  • Ataru believed himself killed his brother, though it's revealed in later chapters that it's actually Masahide and Marble who killed his brother.
    • Though Yuuma is still alive thanks to their parents to using the CAP Technology.
  • Ataru make a promise that he don't want to not killing anyone, though he broke his promise later as he killed Koyori by his own hand.
  • It was later hinted that Shin Kashiwagi (Marble) is the mystery follower that followed Ataru back in First and Second Seasons.
  • Ataru is the third important character to be killed in the series.


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