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Ayame Kamijou
Kanji 上條 あやめ
Rōmaji Kamijō Ayame
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday August 27
Age 16
Height 161 cm
Status Alive
Family Shouji Kamijou (older brother)
Professional Status
Occupation 1st Years High School Student
First Apperance Chapter 12

"...... Is this really true? Was Kanata-san really the peeping tom"...? But there's a thing I can confirmed it, he sacrificed himself to save my life. I... I only need to believed that truth! So, thanks you. Then... I will hold this mood... to survive!"
– Ayame Kamijou after listened Kanata's last line and song, Chapter 160

Ayame Kamijou (上條 あやめ, Kamijō Ayame) is one of the female protagonists of the second and third part of the story.


Ayame has brown hair and big brown eyes. In her casual outfit, she ties her side ponytail with a braid and wears a purple sweater with a one-piece dress, black stockings and boots. Later in the third part as a schoolgirl, she possesses her long twin pigtails and dresses her long-sleeved sailor uniform with a black vest, black skirt, black stockings as same as ones of her casual outfit and bright green plain sneakers.


Ayame is a girl with not many friends, given her personality that can be irritating. She defines herself as a "kamatte-chan", a person who wants attention from everyone, and despite her seemingly normal character, in Chapter 22 it's showed how she actually has a particular and messed up personality; Ayame depends on people, and feels empty when she has no one she can obsessively rely upon.

She's an intelligent girl, but she lacks special talents unlike many other characters, in fact with the passing of time she shows how much she has low self-esteem: she says she survived the death games only thanks to Yuuma Mukai, giving Karua Sakurame reason, and she says that unlike the other participants she can't do anything. Despite her character that may appear rude or detached, both towards Chiho Fujimaki and Yuuma, Ayame shows to care a lot about people, although the thing embarrasses her a lot; in fact, when she says cute things to her friends, she becomes terribly embarrassed and begins to beat weakly to the person she is talking to. Ayame is also a girl who tends to avert people from himself because she is afraid of suffering too much becoming attached to them, and this occurs in fact against Kirika Sakuragawa.

Ayame has canonically a crush for Yuuma, and she has declared to him obtaining some results: the boy, confused about his feelings both for her and for Nanako, told her that once out of the Real Account "world", he will give her a precise answer, and the girl is willing to wait. Ayame also saves Paru-kun in Chapter 89, and this reveals how actually Ayame shows herself more kind and understanding with animals than with humans, even making the dog think she is different from almost everyone.


Early StoryEdit

Ayame has a pretty sad and confusing past, which made her a girl who lives to receive attention, and who made her dependent on her brother until she met Yuuma Mukai.

Ayame was once a girl with a group of friends, a girl quiet and normal. One day she was in a normal online chat with that group of friends, they wrote in it and Ayame didn't know what to say, even though she was visualizing, so she left them on read. The girls were furious because Ayame did not answer and they even came to decide to kick her out of the group, making her an eerie funeral offer the following day to make fun of her and wishing her death. Ayame, who apparently only had them as friends, became lonely and sad and then stopped going to school for a while, starting to make the victim with his brother to receive love and protection from him.

This sudden loneliness caused in her a being tremendously attached to his brother and even obsessive, wanting from him all possible attention even coming to cut himself to make him worried, and not wanting absolutely that he has a girlfriend.

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Ayame first appeared at Chapter 12, being crying due to her brother wants to unfollow her. Yuuma come close to Ayame and said she need to "combine" with him. Ayame misunderstood Yuuma's words and thought he wants to having sex with her, Yuuma explains that they should follows their account each other. Because of this, Yuuma and Ayame survived the trial. Soon, Yuuma wonders what's number Ayame is but she's crying due to the fact her brother unfollow her. Yuuma slapped Ayame's face and tells her must survives but Ayame slapped him back. She said that Yuuma is a bad person for slaps a girl, she also said that she should be the one who said this and she will have kill him if he died.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)Edit

Chapter 186- (Final Arc)Edit

One day after the end of Fake News Island, Ayame noticed there's a lot of hate comments about Ataru so she said they're really dense. Then, Yuuma told everyone that since they will only have one trial left, they must have to works together and survives the trial so the real peace will finally come. Soon, along with the remaining 14 players went to the tower top. After Masahide revealed his true plan, Ayame was cries while wonder if he acknowledge how many innocent people died just because of his ridiculous plan. After the conversation between Masahide and Yuuma ended, Marble shown up and announced the new trial they will play was Real Follower Battle.

After Marble explained the rules of new trial, the trial was started. After Marble's followers increased to 2 millions and killed Suzuri Mikura, Ayame and Magura tries to fight Marble together. However, Marble's followers was suddenly increased to over 10 millions, which weaken Ayame and Magura's strength. When Marble is about to kill Ayame, she was saves by Mizuki. After being saved by Mizuki, Ayame wonders how comes Marble's followers/battle points keep increasing, Kouta, Mizuki and Yuuma explains that their followers are deceasing and choose to follows Marble instead, due to fear of death. With Marble's high battle points, he is easily overpowered Yuuma's groups. Seeing how their followers keep reducing, Ayame wonder how can they wins the trial if their followers won't support them.

Appearance in Other MediaEdit

Magazine Boys' Valentine!Edit

Ayame appeared in the bonus chapter Magazine Boys' Valentine!.



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