Magazine Boys' Valentine!
Kanji マガジンボーイズバレンタイン!
Rōmaji Magajin Bōizu Barentain!
Release Date February 10, 2015
Volume None
Chapter Chronology
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Magazine Boys' Valentine! (マガジンボーイズバレンタイン!, Magajin Bōizu Barentain!) is a bonus chapter released on February 10, 2015 issue of Weekly Shounen Magazine that contains Real Account characters in it.


Marble brought 4 main heroes from different series into the Real Account world, the main heroes known as Yuuma Mukai, Kakeru Aizawa, Yuu Haruna and Yasuto Akashi. Yasuto wonder that if they will play the death game once again, but Marble deny it and said he can't kill the main heroes outside their own series. Then, Marble announced they will play an special trial known as "Get Valentine's Chocolates From The Heroines". If the main heroes get the chocolates will nothing happens but if the heroes didn't receives the chocolates will reveals how many times did that hero masturbate in a week.


  • Get Valentine's Chocolates From The Heroines


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