Extra Game
Kanji エクストラゲーム
Rōmaji Ekusutora Gēmu
Release Date June 19, 2018
Volume 21
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 175
Next Chapter 177

Extra Game (エクストラゲーム, Ekusutora Gēmu) is the 176th chapter of Real Account manga and the 166th chapter of Real Account II.



  • None


  • This is the last chapter to be released on Weekly Shounen Magazine (Weekly issue), before the manga series moved back to serialize at Bessatsu Shounen Magazine (Monthly issue).
  • In the volume release of the chapter, it's added six more extra pages about Mizuki apologies the girls for his action during Annoymous Classroom, Aiji and Sayaka celebrates Ataru's birthday privately, and how Paru-kun got his chairman position.
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