Purpose and Wish
Kanji 目的と願い
Rōmaji Mokuteki to Negai
Release Date May 9, 2019
Volume 23
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 185
Next Chapter 187

Purpose and Wish (目的と願い, Mokuteki to Negai) is the 186th chapter of Real Account manga and the 176th chapter of Real Account II.



  • None


  • Manga artist Shizumu Watanabe announced starting from this chapter, the manga are now enters to the final arc.
  • In the volume version, it added one more extra page, about while everyone has getting tired of using internet, Ayame said that she met Yuuma and Mizuki thanks to the "internet" (Real Account incident), so she believes the internet is not entirely bad. Yuuma claims that even without internet, they were still able to meet each other everyday without problem.
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