The World We Chosen
Kanji オレ達が選んだ世界
Rōmaji Ore-tachi ga Eranda Sekai
Release Date November 9, 2019
Volume 24
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 191
Next None

The World We Chosen (オレ達が選んだ世界, Ore-tachi ga Eranda Sekai) is the 192nd chapter of Real Account manga and the 182nd chapter of Real Account II, as well as the final chapter of Real Account manga series.



  • None


  • Even though Shin dropped his mask in the previous chapter, in the flashback, however, Shin is seen to be wearing the Marble's mask before he and Masahide's death. This is probably a mistake done by manga artist. It's not known if this issue will fixed in the volume version or not.
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