This article is about the manga chapter. For the trial, see No Answer.

No Answer
Kanji ノーアンサー
Rōmaji Nōansā
Release Date February 9, 2014
Volume 1
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 1
Next Chapter 3

No Answer (ノーアンサー, Nōansā) is the second chapter of Real Account manga.



Marble introduces the second trial, No Answer

Marble introduces the next game as No Answer. No Answer is a quiz game, but in this version of it, Marble tells the contestants that judges will be deciding the answer. The question is how do you look: if you think you are handsome, you choose O, for normal, triangle, and for ugly X.The contestants choose by wearing a bib with the appropriate answer on their back. If the majority of the judges agree with the answer, then the contestant wins. Otherwise they lose/die. The contestants are divided into groups of about 200 to play the game. As they enter the game, a clone of Marble introduces himself as Marble 4. Marble 4 pics the judges, telling them that they are exempt from the game; however, they have to answer truthfully. He puts lie detectors on them and says there will be consequences if they lie. Contestants are allowed to go to the podium whenever they are ready.

As contestants get on to the stage, Ataru Kashiwagi analyzes the game, realizing it favors those who are clearly one way or another. For those in the middle, the game is much harder. In one instance, the judges vote is a tie (two 0', two Triangles, and 1 X), so Marble 4 kills the contestant. Another contestant attempts to bribe Marble into letting him leave Real Account; however, Marble 4 informs that he forgot to alert the contestants that he told the real world they could unfollow or follow contestants at any time. This bribing contestant lost his last follower and dies.

Ruriri Icon and Real Face Comparison

Difference between Ruriri's icon and real face

Marble 4 teases the crowd about their appearances, then informs them that they have a celebrity among them: Ruriri Ichijou. This celebrity has never shown herself to the real world. While everyone talks about how cute she is, Marble 4 reveals that Ruriri is 28, not 21, her real name is Yuriko Ichijou, and then points her out in the crowd. Everyone notices that she is not pretty or cute, and Marble 4 comments about how much people can change their appearance and how the real world person is often different. Ataru speaks up and defends Ruriri, saying that despite her appearance, the character she has impersonated still carries Ruriri's true feelings. Ruriri's followers dimish to 1, then bounce back to at least 6. Marble then forces her to be the next contestant for No Answer. She confesses to being ugly and the judges agree, allowing her to pass the game.

Lastly, Ataru being followed by Ruriri, choosing to wear the triangle bib, then running into "Yuri".


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