Please Share - RT Game
Kanji [拡散希望] RTゲーム
Rōmaji [Kakusan Kibō] RT Gēmu
Release Date April 9, 2014
Volume 1
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 3
Next Chapter 5

Please Share - RT Game ([拡散希望] RTゲーム, [Kakusan Kibō] RT Gēmu) is the fourth chapter of Real Account manga.


2 hours have passed since the contestants were sucked into Real Account. Koyori Kanda is grateful to Ataru Kashiwagi, and they both are hiding affection for each other. Marble appears hanging upside down from the top, and Ataru wonders if Marble is even human.

Marble introduces the 3rd game called the RT Game. RT stands for Repeat Tchat; the game utilizes one of Real Accounts content items called TChat. TChat that is basically twitter: you can post short blog posts that can be reposted by other people so that all their followers can see it as well. In this game, the contestants can use TChat to post a single message. Each time it is RT'ed, the original poster will receive 100 yen.


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