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Chiho Fujimaki
Kanji 藤巻 チホ
Rōmaji Fujimaki Chiho
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday March 5
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
First Apperance Chapter 12

"...... It looks like it's just about time. Ayame-san... after I die, please keep crying for me. Embrace your pain... and grieve for me. Those naughty pictures of me that were posted online... please keep them close to your heart, so I won't disappear. And please, keep crying... and crying for me...Thank you for making me laugh. Good bye."
– Chiho Fujimaki's last line before her "death", Chapter 68

Chiho Fujimaki (藤巻 チホ, Fujimaki Chiho) is a character introduced in second part of the story. She become Ayame Kamijou's follower during third part of the story.




Early StoryEdit

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Chiho first appeared at Chapter 12, she was the first player to play the No Like! Game trial. During the trial, Chiho's naked image was showed in the big screen, which make her feel so embarrassed. After Chiho surpassed the trial, she just run away due to the fact she feel embarrassed at that image.


Mizuki is about to kill Chiho

Chiho shows up again later during Read & Ignore Eradication Misure trial, along with other two players were requested Mizuki Kurashina to kills them off, in which Mizuki accepted their request. When Chiho is almost kill by Mizuki, Yuuma Mukai comes to stop Mizuki from killing her. This make Chiho wonders why Yuuma comes to save her and said that it's her wish to wanted to be killed. After Mizuki leaves the area, Chiho is walking together with Yuuma and his friends. As have so many male players recognizes Chiho's face, she started run away and started crying, she stated that all mans is "perverted monsters". This reminded Yuuma about Chiho is the girl that have her naked image revealed at previous trial.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)Edit

Unlike the Second Season, Chiho only served as a mirror character in the Third Season.

During Inverse True Follower Diagnosis trial, Chiho choose to follow Ayame and become one of her followers.

Chapter 186-191 (Final Arc)Edit

Chiho made a cameo appearance in Chapter 187 along with Imari, when Marble explains the rules of Real Follower Battle.

Chiho later changed her support from follow Ayame to follow Yuuma, as part of his plan to defeats Marble.

Chapter 192 (Epilogue)Edit

10 months after the end of Real Account Tower incident, along with everyone was told to went into hospital to see Karua's newly-born son, Mamoru Sakurame. When Ayame and Chiho arrived, they told Yuuma to reuses his smartphone again for easier to communicate, but he said no because he was getting tired of using internet. Yuuma said that Karua's son look like Akuto. After hearing Mizuki stated he wants a son with Yuuma, Chiho said she supports Mizuki's decision to have yaoi relationship.

Later, along with the others took a group photo and uploaded on Magura's internet account.



  • Chiho is the only female character showed to be have yuri interests so far.


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