Fake News Football
Kanji 嘘情報サシ力ー
Rōmaji Uso Jōhō Sashi Ryoku
Organizer Ataru Marble
Season 3
First Apperance Chapter 182

Fake News Football (嘘情報サシ力ー, Uso Jōhō Sashi Ryoku, lit "Lie Information Marbling Force") is a special trial made by Ataru Marble for the final battle of Kashiwagi brothers in Real Account II.


This trial, similar to the football sport, both side must have three players per team. If one of the team receives three points, it will considered that team to the winner of the trial. However, if one of the team lose, they will remains in the VR world forever and they will slowly died inside that world.

MF (Make Faker) is uses to written an information on the footballs, 95% of the footballs contains fake information and only 5% contains real information. FW (Foward) was considered as the leader and goal of both team, only FW are allowed to shoot the football to the goal. If the player's hand touches the football, it's considered as breaks the rule and suffered into the nightmare dream for a few minutes. During the nightmare dream, that player can't be move nor continue to play the trial. If a player uses violence, it will receive a red card immediately which caused that player instantly killed.

Detailed rules, if the FW accidentally kicks the football to the goal it doesn't count as that player won, as only the FW who legally shooting the football to goal on-purpose can receives the points. Second, MF are not allowed to randomly written an information unrelated to their team leader and a information that's unrecognized facts. If it does, it must be remove those information and rewrite it properly.


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