Fake News Island
Kanji 嘘情報新聞
Rōmaji Uso Jōhō Shinbun
Organizer Ataru Marble
Season 3
First Apperance Chapter 177

Fake News Island[1] (嘘情報島, Uso Jōhō Shima) is one of the trials and the sixth death game of Real Account Tower in Real Account II.


The players have to sleep inside the coffin, the coffin will sent the players into the VR world. There's at least 9/1 of the people in island was spent fake informations, if the news being fake then the players will fell into the death trap. Each players have three life in this trial. If the players successes to founded and defeated Ataru Marble, they will be returned to the real world and wins the trial.


  • This trial is first revealed on July 2018 issue of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine before it's actual debut on the manga series.
    • When the trial was first revealed on Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, the trial was titled as Fake News (嘘情報新聞, Uso Jōhō Shinbun, lit "Lie Information Newspaper").
  • Due to the trial is take place in a VR world, all players that previously died in Real Account trials (Such as Koyori Kanda) was all appeared as the NPC characters.


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