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Imari Uzuki
Kanji 雨月 イマリ
Rōmaji Udzuki Imari
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Male[1]
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Real Summary Breaking News Site Administrator
First Apperance Chapter 23

"Kendo Girl... I know that you now have become Yuuma Mukai's follower... that's why I follow Mukai too... The mission on saving you will given to Mukai do it. So before he save you, you must not be in danger, Kendo Girl! I will try my best to helps Mukai to survived!"
– Inari Uzuki after found an Real Supply Station, Chapter 99

Imari Uzuki (雨月 イマリ, Udzuki Imari) is a character introduced in second and third part of the story.




Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Imari first appeared at Chapter 23, being surrounded by a gangs and they plans to rape him (Althought they don't know that Imari is a male). When Imari is about to be raped, he is saved by Nanako Yuzuhara. After being saved by Nanako, Imari stated he will try to find some information about Real Account and post it on his website. Then, Nanako wants to follow Imari and helps him to finds it.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)Edit

During Inverse True Follower Diagnosis trial, Imari choose to follow Yuuma and become one of his followers.

Chapter 186-191 (Final Arc)Edit

Imari made a cameo appearance in Chapter 187 along with Chiho, when Marble explains the rules of Real Follower Battle.

After seeing Marble's followers keep increasing, Imari was angered at how stupid the internet users was. Imari also stated that no matter if Yuuma choose "Death End" or "Friend End", the result will still gonna be same and every internet users will surely killed by Real Account company, in order to have a peace, Yuuma and other players must defeats Marble and destroys Real Account company in this trial.


Imari meet the "No Smartphone Club" members

Later after Yuuma revealed his last plan to every followers, Imari made a poll about if they wanted to joins into the plan, only revealed that 67% of followers chosen to follows Marble instead. This angered Imari and went to meet the "No Smartphone Club" members, to asks for their help. When Imari meet "No Smartphone Club", he told the members to helps Yuuma by following his account, as they're the only hope to defeat Marble.



  • A lot of people mistaken him as a girl due to his feminine appearance.
  • The reason why he wear the feminine clothes is because he think those clothes fit his look better.


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