Inverse True Follower Diagnosis
Kanji 逆リアルフォロワー診断
Rōmaji Gyaku Riaru Forowā Shindan
Organizer True Marble
Season 3
First Apperance Chapter 72

Inverse True Follower Diagnosis (逆リアルフォロワー診断, Gyaku Riaru Forowā Shindan, lit "Real Follower Diagnisis") is one of the trials made for Real Account and the first death game in before the event of Real Account Tower started.

This is the improved version of the trial known as True Follower Diagnosis from first and second part of story.


It lasts 1 minutes, in this period, every follower must follow the person listed on 30 players roster, 'cause if that person never follow any single person, that person will die.

After the following is finished, an results will showed up and the player with the lowest followers will die along with the rest of the followers.

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