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Mortal's Smartphone fused with Zui Zakuro's head

Mortal's Smartphone (人間スマホ, Ningen Sumaho) is a mysterious smartphone which said to be created by the God. It's stated that if people obtained the Mortal's Smartphone with make them become the God of Computer. The users was Zui Zakuro and Karin Koma after she killed Zui.


It's not known how the Mortal's Smartphone was created. It's only noted as "a smartphone with supernatural power".


In order to uses the Mortal's Smartphone and it's power, the Mortal's Smartphone must have fused with people's head together. The only exception of this was Karin, who can uses the Mortal's Smartphone like the normal smartphone does. The Mortal's Smartphone can gives people the power of the God (Or Supernatural power by Karin). In order to uses it's power and abilities, people must said the phrase as "The God of Computer will guide you......" to used it. The power and abilities given included:

  • Super Intelligent - The Mortal's Smartphone can increasing people's IQ to it's maximum level. It's only Zui showed to have this ability so far.
  • Prediction - The Mortal's Smartphone can predict anything and the chance have at least 95% true.
  • Mind Reading - The Mortal's Smartphone can reading people's mind, though it's not always work. It's only Zui showed to have this ability so far.
  • Lie - The Mortal's Smartphone can used to lying people.


  • It may be possible that the Mortal's Smartphone was created by Real Account Co., Ltd.