Nanako Yuzuhara
Kanji 柚原 ナナコ
Rōmaji Yuzuhara Nanako
Alternate Names Kendo Girl (By Imari)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday April 25
Age 17
Status Alive
Family Rokurou Yuzuhara (younger brother)
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Years High School Student
First Apperance Chapter 11

"Nope, he's not. He is stupid and pervert, his room was so dirty, everyday eating such an junk foods, love to go through internet, and don't care what people thinking in the real life. But I'm still love him! No matter how many painful things he receive, he will never give up... he saved me once."
– Nanako Yuzuhara's conversation with Imari Uzuki in the flashback, Chapter 151

Nanako Yuzuhara (柚原 ナナコ, Yuzuhara Nanako) in a character introduced in the second part of the story. She is Yuuma Mukai's childhood friend and girlfriend.




Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)


Nanako's "head" being showed from the box

Nanako's head is shown in front of Yuuma and the other players in Chapter 149, to shows how Yuuma will goes to the third stage of his "symptom". Though it's revealed in the next chapter that it's not Nanako's actual head but created by using CAP Technology.

Chapter 186- (Final Arc)


Nanako suffering her pain in a tank

It's revealed by Marble in Chapter 187 that Nanako is still alive and the Real Account company will release her once the last trial was ended.

After Yuuma defeated Marble, Marble stated that he will "releases" Nanako to him, only revealed that she was suffering the pain she received from her injures for over half years long. Marble also stated that once Nanako was released from the tank, she will likely died instantly from her injures.

After the end of Real Follower Battle trial, Yuuma released Nanako from the tank and sent her into the hospital together with Mizuki Kurashina. After Nanako has awaken, Yuuma went to see her and told her that he wants to have a date with Ayame, in which she cried and congrats him to have a new girlfriend.

Appearance in Other Media

Magazine Boys' Valentine!

Nanako make a cameo appearance in the end of bonus chapter Magazine Boys' Valentine!. Nanako being feel nauseous after knowing Yuuma was masturbate 9 times per week.



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