Public Relations Officer Marble
Kanji 広報室長マーブル
Rōmaji Kōhō Shitsuchō Māburu
Alternate Names Organizer (By Kouta)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Real Account Member
4th Death Game Organizer of Real Account Tower
First Apperance Chapter 123

"Ha! That's it! As I thought the punishment should be like this! At the time like this and yet you people still wanted to become a lovers! This is so unscrupulous, it will only make people getting mad!!! The better punishment to you all is....... death! An another unscrupulous move was disappeared in this world... Ah... it's feel so comfortable."
– Public Relations Officer Marble after Yui Akariya was killed, Chapter 134

Public Relations Officer Marble (広報室長マーブル, Kōhō Shitsuchō Māburu) is one of the Real Account members and an antagonists introduced in third part of story.




Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)Edit



  • Public Relations Officer Marble are the only Marble that keep crying and claim he is in the side of justice. Even though everything he does is all nothing but evil and violence.
  • Public Relations Officer Marble is the second Marble that isn't killed by Marble himself but it was killed by Yuuma.
    • Thought Public Relations Officer Marble himself was thinking of having suicide after being attacked by Yuuma.
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