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Real Account
Kanji リアルアカウント
Rōmaji Riaru Akaunto
Light Novel
Publisher Kodansha
ISBN Number ISBN 978-4-06-516044-2
Release Date June 7, 2019
Chapters 7

Real Account (リアルアカウント, Riaru Akaunto), also known as Real Account Novel: Volume 0 (小說 リアルアカウント 第0巻, Shōsetsu Riaru Akaunto Dai Zero-kan), is a light novel which was authored by Ren Kanan and illustrated by Shizumu Watanabe. The light novel was released at June 7, 2019.


Long time ago, before "that day" where the world went on despair, an private high school which was sponsored and controlled by Real Account Co., Ltd, was teaching the students how to uses Real Account social media app, as a experiments for Real Account Co., Ltd's "secret" plan. Conducted in HR, the private school was eventually updated and renamed as Real Account School. Soon, the student's smartphone was suddenly become flashy, it caused 611 students were transferred into the AR area. Tatsuya is not familiar with this school and it's social media app, although he was prepared to challenge the unreasonable death games to protect the girl he beloved!!

"That guy" who joined "Real Account" before will also appear in this story! The battles of an unknown boy was about to reveal!!



Tatsuya Toyama is always feel bored at studying due to how peaceful the school was. Due to this, Tatsuya always bring his smartphone to school and play SNS.

Tutorial "True Follower Diagnosis"Edit

First Trial "Escape Collection"Edit

Second Trial "Read & Ignore Eradication Misure"Edit

Third Trial "Image de Royale"Edit

Last Trial "Real Account Survival"Edit


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