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Real Follower Battle
Kanji リアルフォロワー決戦
Rōmaji Riaru Forowā Kessen
Organizer Marble
Season 3
First Apperance Chapter 186

Real Follower Battle (リアルフォロワー決戦, Riaru Forowā Kessen) is one of the trials, the seventh and also the last death game of Real Account Tower in Real Account II.


Similar to True Follower Diagnosis and Inverse True Follower Diagnosis, this trial is based on how many followers you have. This trial is a battle royale game with battle points. Each characters have their own battle points based on how many followers they have. The more followers that player have, the more higher their battle points have. If the x player have over 1 million battle points and y player has a low battle points, the y player will be lose in the trial by being attacked by x player. Similarity, if the player with low battle points attacks another player with high battle points, it will deal less damage against the another player. The players are allowed to dodge an attack from another player. The followers can also choose to follow Marble in this trial.

This trial is not allowed to uses an weapon in the battle. There's a three ways to ends the trial: The first way is to defeats Marble (Known as "Normal End"), the second way is Marble wins the trial and kills all players (Known as "Death End"), the third way is to surrender and befriend with Marble and the Real Account company, so that they can destroys the internet world together (Known as "Friend End").