Ruriri Ichijou
Kanji 一条 ルリリ
Rōmaji Ichijō Ruriri
Alternate Names Yuriko Ichijou (Real name)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday March 10
Age 21 (Info)
28 (Actual)
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Internet Singer
First Apperance Chapter 2

"Kashiwagi...... Thank you... for crying for my stake... but... with 3 left... the game is cleared. Everyone... I'm so sorry..."
– Ruriri Ichijou's last line before her death, Chapter 9

Ruriri Ichijou (一条 ルリリ, Ichijō Ruriri), or known by her real name Yuriko Ichijou (一条 ゆり子, Ichijō Yuriko), is a character introduced in first part of the story. She is a internet singer.




Chapter 1-10 (First Season)Edit

Ruriri first appeared in Chapter 2, Marble revealed Ruriri's actual face in public which caused a lot of her followers don't want to follow her anymore. Before Ruriri's followers is nearly zero, Ataru Kashiwagi saved her and said to her followers that the face isn't important to them but the personality is. After the game finished, Ruriri comes to see Ataru and give a thanks to him for saved her life.


Ruriri's death

Later, along with Ataru and Koyori Kanda was "assigned" to a group. After only 10 minutes left in the game, Ruriri order her followers to finding the hidden tweet in order to have herself, Ataru and Koyori survive from the game. Before Ruriri is about to get Aiji Hoshina's hidden tweet, Aiji revealed her hidden tweet first thanks to his followers which caused Ruriri is killed along with her followers.

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit

Ruriri make a cameo appearance in Chapter 177 when Ataru explains the actual rules of the new trial, Fake News Island.



  • Ruriri is the first important character to be killed in the series.


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