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Shin Kashiwagi
Kanji 柏木 シン
Rōmaji Kashiwagi Shin
Alternate Names Marble
True Marble
Shin Marble
Araku Amibara (Clone)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Family Chitose Kashiwagi (wife)
Yuuma Mukai (first son/creation)
Ataru Kashiwagi (second son)
Yuri Kashiwagi (first daughter)
Koyori Kanda (second daughter/creation)
Professional Status
Occupation Scientist
Organizer of Real Account Death Games
7th Death Game Organizer of Real Account Tower
First Apperance Chapter 1

"I'm the moderator of the game. Without me, it wouldn't run smoothly."
– Shin Kashiwagi as Marble when he talking with other players, Chapter 27

Shin Kashiwagi (柏木 シン, Kashiwagi Shin), also known as Marble (マーブル, Māburu) and True Marble (真・マーブル, Shin Māburu) in Third Season, is the the main antagonist of the Real Account series. He is the husband of Chitose Kashiwagi and father of Yuuma Mukai, Ataru Kashiwagi and their siblings.


Shin with Marble's mask

As Marble, his most notable feature is the giant mask he wears, which is blue with a large smiley face wearing a three pointed crown. He wears a black T-shirt emblazoned with the Real Account logo, over this he wears a green cape with white swirl patterns that has a gold metal collar. He wears black pants that have two white stripes going down length ways on both sides. For shoes he wears crocs.


Marble thinks humans are shallow beings and seems to enjoy toying with them. Slaughtering masses of people does not seem to bother him in the slightest.


Early Story[]

Before Shin married Chitose Kashiwagi, Shin always do some experiment of CAP Technology in the laboratory. After CAP Technology experiment was successful, Shin married Chitose and have a lovely family. At some point, Shin and Chitose uses CAP Technology to create the clones, Ataru Kashiwagi and Koyori Kanda, right after Yuuma Kashiwagi and Yuri Kashiwagi was born.

Later, Shin decided to joined Real Account company and disguise as Marble, he drives the truck in attempt to kill his own son "Yuuma" and caused him lost his memories. After the incident happened, along with Chitose uses CAP Technology to clone Yuuma, in order to hide Yuuma's status from the company. After the video was recorded, Shin then kills his wife and made a clone of himself so that both him and Chitose are officially confirmed dead by public.

Chapter 1-10 (First Season)[]

Marble revealed that everyone was trapped inside the Real Account world

Under the name Marble, he first appeared in Chapter 1, he being standing in a stage top of Real Account internet world. He revealed to everyone trapped inside the internet world, which caused a lot of criticism from the users. One of Real Account user said that he was joking around and don't try to be ridiculous, this angered Marble and stretch his arm to kill that user. After showed that user and his followers were all killed, Marble revealed that everyone's life and follower numbers was quite important in this world and lost either one of them will caused people died. Marble also revealed that the games will be broadcast across the world, he also said that he have his own reason to causing this incident but he will not reveal it to everyone yet. When someone tries to run away, Marble kills them, also causing all of his followers to die.

Soon, Marble announced a mini trial named "True Follower Diagnosis", he gives everyone in the real world 3 minutes to unfollow anyone in the game. If anyone in the game's follower count goes to 0 they die. Marble says this game shows that humans socialize only for appearances and that they are shallow.

After the trial was ended, Marble informs the players that they are down to 4,684 contests from the starting 10,000, but also says that the followers the contestants now have are the ones that truly care about you. In the real world, they are mourning the dead, even though they in effect killed them. Ataru Kashiwagi begins questioning how he has run from reality all this time but vows to make it out alive. Then, Marble announced the next trial and tells the players to moves to other places.

Marble introduces the second trial, No Answer

After the players moved to the other places, Marble announced the next trial they will play is No Answer. No Answer is a quiz game the players usually plays in Real Account's social app, but in this version, Marble tells the contestants that judges will be deciding the answer. The question is how do you look: if you think you are handsome, you choose O, for normal, triangle, and for ugly X.The contestants choose by wearing a bib with the appropriate answer on their back. If the majority of the judges agree with the answer, then the contestant wins. Otherwise they lose/die.

As the players enter the game, a clone of Marble introduces himself as "Marble 4". Marble 4 pics the judges, telling them that they are exempt from the game; however, they have to answer truthfully. He puts lie detectors on them and says there will be consequences if they lie. Contestants are allowed to go to the podium whenever they are ready. As contestants get on to the stage, Ataru analyzes the game, realizing it favors those who are clearly one way or another. For those in the middle, the game is much harder. In one instance, the judges vote is a tie (two 0', two Triangles, and 1 X), so Marble 4 kills the contestant. Another contestant attempts to bribe Marble into letting him leave Real Account; however, Marble 4 informs that he forgot to alert the contestants that he told the real world they could unfollow or follow contestants at any time. This bribing contestant lost his last follower and dies.

Marble 4 teases the crowd about their appearances, then informs them that they have a celebrity among them: Ruriri Ichijou. This celebrity has never shown herself to the real world. While everyone talks about how cute she is, Marble 4 reveals that Ruriri is 28, not 21, her real name is Yuriko Ichijou, and then points her out in the crowd. Everyone notices that she is not pretty or cute, and Marble 4 comments about how much people can change their appearance and how the real world person is often different. Later after Ataru speaks up and defends Ruriri, Marble 4 then forces her to be the next contestant for No Answer. She confesses to being ugly and the judges agree, allowing her to pass the game.

Soon, Marble 4 gets irritated that not enough people are getting in line fast enough to play No Answer, so he threatens to kill all those who are stalling and not getting in line. Using Koyori Kanda's notes, Ataru begins to analyze how the judges have rated people so that they can have a better chance of guessing right. While they're analyzing, one of the contests shows his bib and begs that the judges all rate him as an X. Marble 4 seems frustrated with him; however the contestant argues that showing your bib was never against the rules. He lets it slide, and only one judge votes X. After announcing that the contestant was wrong, the lie detector on one of the judges goes off. The judge who voted X confesses to only putting X because the contestant asked her too. After scolding her for lying, Marble 4 kills all the judges and lets the contestant pass. Marble 4 chooses new judges with one of them being Koyori, making all of Ataru's guess about the judges worthless. Ataru stops the game and gives everyone a plan to surpasses the trial. After this, each contestant begins passing though. Ataru goes last and passes through with the correct answer. Marble 4 gets mad and asks how they all did it. Ataru tells Marble 4 that he cheated by using Real Account on his phone.

Marble 4 acts impressed for cheating, but then reveals that there was a way for everyone to have gone through. He explains that everyone could have just made themselves changed their appearance, like Ruriri, and make themselves look ugly. This would have given everyone an X, and everyone would have passed through safely. Marble 4 makes Ataru feel pathetic, but Koyori says that he's still a hero to her. Marble 4 comments that these bonds will cost them in the second game, then leaves.

As the players enters their second game, the original Marble shown up and announced the trial is "RT Game". RT stands for Repeat Tchat; the game utilizes one of Real Accounts content items called TChat. It can post short blog posts that can be reposted by other people so that all their followers can see it as well. In this game, the contestants can use TChat to post a single message. Each time it is RT'ed, the original poster will receive 100 yen. Everyone wonders why would they plays this type of game, Marble stated that those moneys may will be useful in the later trials. Marble also noted that if anyone doesn't receives any one RT will be result of getting killed.

Marble appears in real world

As RT Game is still running, Marble goes to the real world. Along with his allies, Marble comes to taken every player's body away. One of the Marble, appears in front of Yuri Kashiwagi to taken Ataru's body away. Yuri asking who is Marble, he then take his mask out. When Marble almost taken his mask out, he put it back and punch Yuri instead. After Marble punched Yuri, he taken Ataru's body away from the house.

After RT Game is ended, Marble brought everyone into the city for resting a day and inform them the next trial will begin at tomorrow.

A days later, Marble brought everyone to other places and announced the next trial is Dark History Trial. Later after Ataru explained his past and his real name is Yuuma Kashiwagi, Marble informs everyone that due to Ataru explaining his past it has only 10 minutes remaining. Marble then decided to adds new rule that everyone deletes one of their comment and everyone have to find it. Soon after Ruriri's death, Marble announced the trial was ended. Although with Ataru and Aiji Hoshina wanted to fight each other, Marble accepted their request and continued the trial. After the remaining time is over, Marble feel bored and said that Ataru and Aiji are just wasting his time. Soon after seeing Koyori kisses Ataru's face, along with Ataru was shocked at her action. As seen Koyori being embarrassed, Marble tells them stop wasting their time and it's time to leaves. Marble then gives an middle finger to Ataru and Koyori afterward.

In near the end of First Season, after Ataru discovered his older brother, the real "Ataru" (While his name being written as "Yuuma Mukai"), Marble starts laughing and said that this is just the beginning of the game.

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)[]

Marble's role in the beginning of Second Season is pretty much same as in the First Season. Marble introduces himself to every players who's trapped inside the internet world, kills one of the players and announcing the trial, True Follower Diagnosis. After the trial is ended, Marble announced the next game and tells the players to moves to other places.

After everyone went to other places, Marble announced the next trial is No Like! Game. Everyone must have to gives answer to the image their saw, if they answered it correct will surpasses the trial but if they gives the wrong answer will be killed.

As the players enter the game, a clone of Marble introduces himself as "Marble 6" and handles the trial. Soon after one of the player gives an wrong answer, Marble 6 kills him by stretch his arm. Later after one of the player gives an correct answer, Marble 6 kills that player which caused a lot of criticizes from the players. When they asking why Marble 6 killed that player even though he answer is right, he gives a weird face without answering their question. Later when Yuuma discovered the reason why some players was killed for "no reason", and that there's a third answer can be select, he selects the third answer in which surpasses the trial. After the trial is ended, Marble 6 tells everyone to moves to other place.

After everyone moved to the other place and went inside the room, Marble announced the next trial is Real Live Game and explains it's rules to everyone. Later after the trial is ended, Marble shown himself and said that he is true Marble to avoid confusion about if he's Yuuma in disguise or not. Marble announced the winner of Real Live Game was Yuuma and Ayame Kamijou team, in which surprised them a lot.

At the same time, Marble goes to the real world. Along with his allies, Marble comes to taken every player's body away. One of the Marble, appears in front of Nanako Yuzuhara to taken Yuuma's body away from the house. In the Real Account world, after Real Live Game is ended, Marble brought everyone into the city for resting a day and inform them the next trial will begin at tomorrow.

A days later, Marble brought everyone to the other places and announced they will play a new trial known as Pacify Attention-chan. Later after Pacify Attention-chan trial is ended, Marble said there's no trial can be play at the moment so he tells everyone back to resting.

After seeing one of the player was killed via hanging by a steel chain, Marble shows up with an flying car and stated the new trial has been started even since everyone returned to the city, he then announced the new trial is Read & Ignore Eradication Misure and explains it's rules. Later when everyone feel tired and getting mad, Marble appears and said this is not the mood he wanted to seen here. The players got angered and tells Marble that can't he just made the game easier, he stated he can't do it for them as he is the moderator so he can handles it whatever he wanted. Later when Yuuma finally got the No. 45 stamp, Marble shows up and said congratulation to them, although that's when Yuuma used that stamp. After No. 45 stamp was deleted by Mizuki Kurashina, Marble feel pity at the players and stated the trial will be forever continue. As Yuuma and Ayame thinks a plan of drags the duration time for replying, Marble shows a funny face and tells Yuuma that trick doesn't alone to ends the trial easily. Then, Yuuma keep thinking of how to surpasses the trial until he realized Marble and Araku Amibara (The first player who reply in the trial) are the same person. With this, Yuuma begin to transfers the reply to Marble while uses another stamp to reduces the time duration to zero, which result of Marble getting killed. After Marble's death, an clone of Marble shows up and destroyed the other Marble with a tank. Mable then announced everyone was surpassed the trial, due to the original moderator was killed and no longer able to continuing the trial.

After everyone surpassed the trial, Marble went to the real world and see Masahide Eniguma, the president and director of Real Account Co., Ltd. Marble informs Masahide that the plan was went well as they expected, although they unexpected there's a players (Yuuma and Ataru) who are willing to fight back against them. Marble also surprised that the polices and FBI didn't take care of this incident, Masahide stated that there is a people who's part of Real Account working as either polices and FBI, which is why they ignored the whole incident. Masahide then celebrating their plan goes well so they can went to the new world.

In the next day, Marble brought everyone to other places and announced the new trial was Big Flame Festival. Later after Yuuma shows his "true" color and defeated Mizuki, Marble informs everyone here that they only have 30 seconds left. While everyone except Yuuma feel despair, they suddenly surpassed the trial due to Imari Uzuki made a news that Yuuma and his family are the creator of Real Account that angered the audience.

As everyone returned to the real world and getting hunted by the "hunters", Marble announced that while everyone returns to the real world they still have to plays a trial, known as SNS Hide-and-Seek. Marble then explains the rules and said good luck to everyone.

According to Koyori and Ataru's flashback, when Koyori went berserk for discovered she is actually Ataru's younger sister, Marble shown in TV screen at Ataru's house. Marble explains what's "symptom", how Koyori (And Yuuma) suffers it and Real Account's relationship with their parents. During the explanation, Marble explained that usually when cloning a mortals via using CAP Technology will caused their soul transferred to the cloned body, however, the only exception of this are the newly-born babies due to their conscious was weak.

Marble without his mask

Because the babies' conscious was weak, when that baby getting cloned will caused that baby easily suffers on the "symptom". Ataru and Yuri was realized that Yuuma and Koyori isn't their siblings but their clones. Marble gives Ataru two choice to choose, one is to kills Koyori and joins the Real Account company, and two is being killed by Koyori and reveals to worldwide that his family is the "murderers" who started the entire Real Account incident. Then, Marble showed his real face to Ataru and Yuri which caused them being feel despair for knowing Marble is actually their father, Shin. Marble questioning Ataru that which choice he will be choose and Ataru chosen the first choice to kills Koyori and joining them, in order to protect Yuri.

After Ataru killed Koyori, along with Masahide and other member went to Ataru's house and thanks him for joins their company. Soon, Marble brought Ataru back to Real Account company. Yuri keep told Ataru that he shouldn't joins them but he doesn't listen as he can't think anything anymore.

During Yuuma fight agianst Ataru, along with Masahide shows up at their original house to stops the fight. As Masahide tells Ataru that the time for his revenge is still haven't come yet so he must go back to the company, Ataru have no choice but back to the company. Soon, Marble informs Yuuma that he should leaves that house, as that house have too many evidences was keep inside that house so they must destroys it.

Marble and Masahide prepares to leave

Later when Mizuki found an small entrance and enter it, it's shown that Marble and some players were celebrates their victory and the end of SNS Hide-and-Seek. Soon when Marble was about to said everyone surpasses the trial, he saw a lot of players who originally will die at stadium are all back to Real Account area. Marble wonders what's happened and Yuuma explains that he used CAP Technology to transferred those players to Real Account area, Marble then goes mad at the fact these players didn't died. Soon, Yuuma stated that it's time for Marble plays Hide-and-Seek game. As Marble don't understand what Yuuma's talking about, he noticed the news about their plans and action that posted by Imari, and a brunch of polices shows up to catch Marble. As Marble angered, he "stretch" his arm to attacks the polices and players. Then, Shuu Kuze and Akuto Saejima comes to stop Marble for killing more people, and later Yuuma comes to punch Marble for doing such thing. After getting punched, Marble was smiled and decides to destroy the whole company due to not being able to continue the death games anymore. Marble then uses the CAP Technology to leave the area together with Masahide, while taking Nanako away.

After the crushed company rubble, Marble shows up and stated the SNS stuffs is scary and that they will preparing more new trials to play in the future.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)[]

Half years after the event of Second Season, Marble has reappeared on the smartphone scene, announced that he has evolved as "True Marble" after he "trained" his "powers" for half years. Marble chose 30 players to join the Real Account Tower and play the death games once again,

When all of the chosen players arrived at the Real Account Tower, Marble shows himself and announcing the poll result. Before the poll was reveal, Yuuma stopped Marble for a few minutes for showing Ayame's panties to everyone. Marble disgusted at this and wonders when did the internet become so perverted. While Marble telling people forget about Ayame's panties, he revealed the poll result to everyone. Because of this, it leads to Tsugurou Koujirou's death due to he has the lowest followers out of 30 players. After the poll, Marble announced that it's time for the final games so the chosen players can go inside the Real Account Tower now.

After the Smartphone Maze Walk, Marble appeared at the sky in front of every players and congrats the players for surpassed the first trial. Marble feel annoyed at the fact Financial Accountant Marble for not able to kills even one player, and that he is a fat guy who likes to eats fried chicken. Then, he announced that Financial Accountant Marble was fired and have him to "plays" an special trial named "Death Road Maze Walk", which is uses to kills Financial Accountant Marble. As seeing Financial Accountant Marble slowly dies, Yuuma realized that this is the battle against Marble's subordinate. After Financial Accountant Marble's death, Marble brought everyone to the second flood.

Prior to the second flood, Marble noticed that everyone was sad so he announced that if everyone surpasses all of the trials, the Real Account company will granting any one wish for them. After they arrived at the second flood, Marble announced that everyone will having bath and rests in this flood. Yuuma stated that he didn't need a rest and he wants to finish those garbage trials as soon as possible, Marble was happy at Yuuma and stated that he likes his attitude, although aside of him everyone has been feel tired and they need a rest. During everyone is having a bath, Marble sends an message to Chairman Marble that if he enjoys to become as a player or not and that he must keep his identity secret, which caused Yuuma discovered there's a traitor in their group. Soon after Chairman Marble reply the message, Marble said that it's lucky that Yuuma didn't know Chairman Marble's true identity. Then, Marble asks the OL Marbles if they're ready for handling the next trial or not.

At the next day, Marble brings everyone to the third flood and announced the second trial, ID Scorer's Club. Lafter after the trial was ended, Marble appeared as "Marble: DJ Edition" and stated the OL Marbles was fired. For once again, Marble decided to kills the OL Marbles. After Marble killed the OL Marbles, he said everyone need to that "thing" after they went to rests before the next trial. Soon after discovered everyone didn't do that "thing", Marble feel sad that everyone has been forgot to do that "thing" and this could leads to their death at the next trial, Real Account GO.

Later after everyone has surpassed Real Account GO trial, Marble shows up and congrats them for the surpasses. Originally Marble wants to kills Planning Department Chief Marble, but he soon reminded that Dr. Marble has been killed by Yuuma so he thanks him for helping him. As Marble seeing Yuuma's smile, he noticed there's something at his mind is slowly broken. Soon while everyone is doing their own things, Marble asks Public Relations Officer Marble if he able to kills a few players for his job and he said yes.

Ataru angry at Marble

During Anonymous Classroom trial, Marble is watching the players in a big screen along with Ataru. When Yuuma has evolved into the third stage of "symptom", he requested Marble to releases him from the storage and giving his clothes for him, which makes Marble embarrassed and said he cannot accept Yuuma's love yet.[1] Soon after Yuuma reverted back to his second stage of "symptom", Ataru was shocked at this and Marble stated it's due to the power of love that Yuuma is able to reverts back. This angered Ataru and told Marble stop fooling around because if it's true, then it's means that everything he has done will be useless.

Marble lied everyone

Later after Yuuma defeated Ataru at Fake News Football match, Marble shows up and said he is disappointed at Ataru's strength. Soon, Marble brings everyone back to the real world and announced that the last trial has been "surpassed". Although it's noted that Marble is lying and the Fake News Island trial still haven't ended yet. If Yuuma and the others didn't notice yet, they will gonna lost their life soon. Later after being informed Fake News Island is ended and Ataru's death, Marble said it's time for him to handles the last trial, and that the final battle is finally begun.

Chapter 186-191 (Final Arc)[]

One day after the end of Fake News Island, Marble and Masahide was waiting for the remaining 15 players reach to the tower top. After the conversation between Masahide and Yuuma ended, Marble shown up and announced the new trial they will paly was Real Follower Battle.

Marble overpowered Yuuma's groups

After explained the rules of new trial, Marble announces the trial will start. Before the trial was started, Yuuma asks Marble that if Nanako is still alive and if they will release her or not, Marble reveals that she's still alive and they will release her after the last trial was ended. Marble also stated that he feel sorry for Ataru's death in previous trial. After the conversation was finished, the trial was started. During the trial, Suzuri Mikura goes to face Marble all by herself. Before Suzuri could attack, however, she was killed by Marble instead. After Marble killed Suzuri, he revealed that he has his own exclusive ability which his body can becomes bigger if he has more followers. Due to the fear of death, most of the followers changed to following Marble instead. With this, Marble is easily overpowered Yuuma's groups and have over 85 million followers/battle points.

Everyone binding Marble's legs

As Marble have over 100 million followers, he thanks the internet users are so foolish and being fear of death that caused him become this powerful. Mizuki decided to fight against Marble all by himself, while Yuuma and the groups uses it's time to makes a plan on defeats Marble. When Marble saw every players are comes to fight him, he refers them being foolish and thrown some rocks against them. Soon, Marble kills Kouta Mega and Mamoru Nirata and injures Rion Shikijiyou by his attacks. Then, Marble was captured by other players with uses a rope, which shocks him that those "scums" able to do so. Yuuma then comes close to Marble and tried to punches him. After Marble received a punch from Marble and being "defeated", Marble's mask was broken and it shown his real face.

Marble's true identity, Shin Kashiwagi

After Marble's "defeated", he standing up and the trial is still haven't needed yet, due to his followers has been increased to over 12 billions which almost same as Yuuma's. Marble then tell them that third stage of "symptom" are can't be healed and the only way to heal it was having both original and clone fusion as one, which is impossible as Marble already killed Ataru in previous trial. Soon, Marble's true identity was revealed to be Shin Kashiwagi, the father of Yuuma and his siblings. Shin explains his past and how he become Marble. The reason why Shin created Yuuma and Koyori in the firt place, was because he wanted to experimenting human's emotion and how will the clones kills their own family. After the explanation, Shin told Yuuma that since he have no chance to win the trial, he should have just follow Masahide's request to pick third choice so there's no more unless sacrifices happened. Yuuma answered no and said he will never claims Shin as his father, he also stated that he will destroys the Real Account company no matter what and he will never joins them. Soon, the trial was continued and Shin's body becomes gigantic once again.

Shin and Masahide "accepted" their defeat

While Shin's body become gigantic, Masahide gives him Marble's mask to wears. During the last 5 minutes of time, Shin has killed Shuu, Najimi Kurewa, Rion and Mizuki. Yuuma then gives Shin a punch, while his followers suddenly increased rapidity. While Shin is still alive, his phone is destroyed which reduced his follower's counts to zero.Soon, Shin "admitted" that he was defeated and releases Nanako to Yuuma, only revealed that she was almost die due to they never heal her injures. This angered Yuuma and went to kills Shin. When Yuuma landing his punch, both Shin and Masahide thought that they still have a chance to defeats Yuuma's group and they'll surely destroys the internet after this. Suddenly, someone told Yuuma to stop his action, which revealed that it's Ataru and his soul has been refused with Yuuma, in which shocked Shin for knowing the "symptom" was healed.

Ataru and Yuuma defeats Shin

It's revealed by Ataru and Yuuma that if he killed Shin, then every internet users will becomes the mindless monkeys due to Real Account company set a virus inside every internet user's brain. This makes Yuuma decided to punches Marble instead of kill him. Then, Shin told Masahide to kill him for activates the virus, although it's stopped by Aiji as Ataru predicted this will happen. After Yuuma and Ataru punched Marble, the Real Follower Battle trial was finally ended. After the end of Real Follower Battle trial and Real Account Tower's challenge, Shin was killed inside the Real Account Tower together with Masahide.

Appearance in Other Media[]

Volume 0[]

A student was killed by Marble

Shin, under the name Marble, appeared in Volume 0 light novel as the main antagonist.

When every students of Real Account School was transferred into the internet world, Marble introduces himself to every students and introduced an tutorial game known as "True Follower Diagnosis". Tatsuya Toyama wonder what's going on and where were they now, Marble explains it they are on the internet world now, and the students will serves their purpose as experiments for Real Account Co., Ltd's "secret" plan. Soon, Marble kills a student to shows why will happened to the followers if the player was dead. After Marble killed a student, he explains that there's 4 trials in total and they must have to win all trial in order to returns to the real world. After True Follower Diagnosis trial was ended, Marble tells the students moves to the other place to begin the next trial.

Extra Chapters[]

Marble appeared briefly in the first extra chapter Live from Reality, making a announcement about the trial known as "True Follower Diagnosis", and said that everyone have a choice about whatever they wants to unfollow the player or not.

Magazine Boys' Valentine![]

Marble appeared in the bonus chapter Magazine Boys' Valentine! In the bonus chapter, Marble brought four main heroes into the Real Account world (Yuuma, Kakeru Aizawa, Yuu Haruna and Yasuto Akashi.). Marble announced the main heroes will play a special trial known as "Get Valentine's Chocolates From The Heroines".


  • Stretch Arm - Marble's arms seem to be able to stretch infinitely, he can kill people just with one hand. Although it's revealed it's just a machine hand which can be stretch by using controller.
  • Clone - Marble seem to able to make a clone of himself.
  • Gigantic - Marble grained his own exclusive ability specifically for the last trial Real Follower Battle, his body will grown bigger when he have more followers. Marble's strength and durability receive proportional increases as well.



  • The name Shin is written in hiragana (シン), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (真), it could possibly mean "real, genuine".
  • Shin's surname Kashiwagi means "oak" (柏) (kashiwa) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi).


  • With the recent story narrative about "symptom" and how Ataru and Yuri scared at Marble's real face, it's possible that Marble is also a clone of one of Kashiwagi family members, just like Yuuma and Koyori being cloned from both Ataru and Yuri.
    • It was confirmed in Chapter 189 that his true identity was Shin Kashiwagi, Yuuma and Ataru's father.


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