Shuu Kuze
Kanji 久世 シュウ
Rōmaji Kuze Shū
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Navy's Soldier (Formerly)
First Apperance Chapter 68

Shuu Kuze (久世 シュウ, Kuze Shū) is a character introduced in second and third part of the story.




Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)

Shuu first appeared in Chapter 68, he's celebrating their victory and the end of the SNS Tag Game with Marble. After Yuuma Mukai saved all the players and sent them to the Real Account area, Marble tries to kills the players but Shuu, Akuto Saejima and Yuuma stopped Marble to do so.

Chapter 71-185 (Third Season)

Chapter 186- (Final Arc)

One day after the end of Fake News Island, Shuu stated Yuuma is strong since he never transform into the third stage of "symptom" even after his twin brother's death, although Mizuki said that Yuuma was actually angry. Then, Yuuma told everyone that since they will only have one trial left, they must have to works together and survives the trial so the real peace will finally come. Soon, along with the remaining 14 players went to the tower top. After Masahide revealed his true plan, Shuu said that he feel so angered for his ignorance mindset. After the conversation between Masahide and Yuuma ended, Marble shown up and announced the new trial they will play was Real Follower Battle.

After Marble explained the rules of new trial, the trial was started. During the trial, along with Mizuki, Sayaka and other players with higher battle points are ordered to works together with Yuuma to fight against Marble. After noticed Marble's followers/battle points keep increasing, Yuuma explains that their followers are deceasing and choose to follows Marble instead, due to fear of death. With Marble's high battle points, he is easily overpowered Yuuma's groups. Seeing how their followers keep reducing, Shuu wonder who should fight against Marble with these low followers while cried.




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