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True Follower Diagnosis
Kanji リアルフォロワー診断
Rōmaji Riaru Forowā Shindan
Organizer Marble
Season 1 & 2
First Apperance Chapter 1

True Follower Diagnosis (リアルフォロワー診断, Riaru Forowā Shindan, lit "Real Follower Diagnisis") is one of the trials made for Real Account and the first death game in Real Account I.

An second version of the trial known as "Inverse True Follower Diagnosis" appeared in third part of story.


It lasts 3 minutes, in this period, every follower can unfollow the person which is following, 'cause if that person dies in the subsequent trials, every follower of him will also die, but if his follower's drop to zero, he will also die.

This trial is obviously made to prove how much does a follower care about that person, and how much does the followers really matter.