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Yuri Kashiwagi
Yuri Kashiwagi(Photo from Manga, 1).jpg
Kanji 柏木 ユリ
Rōmaji Kashiwagi Yuri
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Age 15
Status Alive
Family Shin Kashiwagi (father)
Chitose Kashiwagi (mother)
Yuuma Mukai (older brother)
Ataru Kashiwagi (second brother)
Professional Status
Occupation Middle School Student
First Apperance Chapter 1

"I didn't cry at the funeral... Because I knew you were doing your best to act as Ataru onii-chan, For me. There really wasn't any difference... I cared about you just as much... I love you... a lot. Take care of me after this too, okay, Onii-chan?"
– Yuri Kashiwagi replies to Ataru Kashiwagi, Chapter 8

Yuri Kashiwagi (柏木 ユリ, Kashiwagi Yuri) is the younger sister of Ataru Kashiwagi and Yuuma Mukai.


Yuri looks almost identical to Koyori Kanda. She has shoulder length hair.



Chapter 1-10 (First Season)

Chapter 71- (Third Season)

Yuri and the No Smartphone Club members

Yuri appeared in Chapter 81, throw her smartphone and join the "No Smartphone Club". Yuri make a cameo appearance in Chapter 111 along with other "No Smartphone Club" members.