Yuuma Mukai
Yuuma Mukai
Kanji 向井 ユウマ
Rōmaji Mukai Yūma
Alternate Names Yuuma Kashiwagi
Ataru Kashiwagi (Real Name)
Yuuma 3 (During Third Stage of "Symptom")
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday December 8
Age 17
Height 170 cm
Weight 58 kg
Status Alive
Family Shin Kashiwagi (father)
Chitose Kashiwagi (mother)
Director (guardian)
Ataru Kashiwagi (younger twin brother/original)
Yuri Kashiwagi (younger sister)
Koyori Kanda (youngest sister)
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Years High School Student
First Apperance Chapter 11

"There's no meaning to death, there's no "Country of Despair", you cannot meet people who died again! Sorry, mate! You gotta live with your despair!"
– Yuuma Mukai tells to Mizuki Kurashina, Chapter 39

Yuuma Mukai (向井 ユウマ, Mukai Yūma), or known by his real name Ataru Kashiwagi (柏木 アタル, Kashiwagi Ataru), is the protagonist of the second and third part of the story. He is the twin older brother of Ataru Kashiwagi, although it's later revealed that he is actually Ataru's clone.

Appearance Edit

Like his original, Ataru, Yuuma is of an average height and build, with gray eyes. He has short black hair with bangs, and a cowlick towards the back.

Personality Edit

The beginning of Real Account II depicts Yuuma as a rather friendly person. Though everyone is immersed in the ever growing Real Account, Yuuma values friendship and explains to his friends that he doesn't have an account there. His girlfriend and long time childhood best friend, Nanako Yuzuhara is the only one who knows that in fact, he's more addicted to Re-aca than the others. He's also concerned regarding other people's problems, such as Ayame Kamijou's brother complex and Chiho Fujimaki's embarrassment at her shameful photos leaked to the world. He offers help and is good-nature overall.


Yuuma's "true" color

However, Mizuki Kurashina declares him as someone who is "empty" when they first met, claiming that Yuuma's someone who is the same as him. This causes Yuuma to be wary about the said character, and he tries to evade him, something that's not really happening because Mizuki is intent on ripping Yuuma's hypocritical mask off to see his "despair". Later, Mizuki reveals via reading Yuuma's diary entries of his phone, exposing Yuuma's misanthropic views, and the fact that he finds the world boring. Yuuma's phone also contains the voice recordings of every single grateful message sent to him, claiming that, "he must've listened to it every night".

Yuuma's third stage of the "symptom" in his imagination

As Yuuma reveals his true color, he acts brutal and disrespectful towards people who stand in his way, claims that it's a waste he acted like a "good person".

Later, it's revealed by Ataru Kashiwagi that Yuuma's personality changes is due to him suffered a "symptom", Ataru also said his "symptom" level is slowly start to reach to the third stage, which he will gone berserk and kill any people whatever he like, like how Koyori Kanda did during her third stage of the "symptom".


Early StoryEdit


Young Ataru and Yuuma

Ataru (Now named "Yuuma") is a clone of Yuuma Kashiwagi (Now named "Ataru") created by their parents with using CAP Technology. Due to hiding the truth, Ataru is thought to be twin brother of Yuuma. During their childhood, the twins are always disguises themselves to plays the football. The twins were enjoys to playing football so much, until one day an accident happened to Ataru. Due to Yuuma disguised himself as "Ataru", the actual Ataru has thought to be "Yuuma". After the accident, "Yuuma's" parents wants to protect him from Masahide Eniguma's hands, so they used CAP Technology on "Yuuma" to duplicated his body into two. Yuuma's original body is used as a corpse at his "funeral", while the duplicated body was sent into an orphanage by his parents.

After the accident that lead to the creation of "bad Yuuma", he grew up in an orphanage under the name and persona of "Yuuma Mukai". Due to the accident, he doesn't remember anything at that point. Yuuma's early memories consist of a ceiling and an old lady, and it's only explained to him that his name is "Yuuma". During Yuuma's times in orphanage, he meet Nanako Yuzuhara on the playground. Both Yuuma and Nanako talking each other and become friends afterward.

Chapter 1-10 (First Season)Edit

Yuuma make a cameo appearance in the end of Chapter 10, which makes Ataru shocked that his older brother is still alive.

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Yuuma first appeared in Chapter 11, he went to the school while meeting his friends. Yuuma shocked his friends and tells them don't play Real Account while walking around. His friends said that Yuuma is the only one who haven't uses Real Account yet and tells him to joins it as well, but Yuuma deny it and said he is not interests at SNS stuffs, he is more interests at playing together with his friends than talking with random people at internet. Then, Yuuma is having fun with his friends at school.

After Yuuma's friends back home, he shows his real personality, that he is actually did uses Real Account and he's more addicted to Real Account than the others. Yuuma believed he have 1893 followers that he considers as a "real friends". Yuuma then asks his childhood friend, Nanako, that was he a bad person or not, due to the fact he hiding his interests at Real Account. Yuuma also stated that he know he can't keep his interests in secret forever, and he should have become an actual friendly person that does values friendship more than internet, but he simply can't. After the conversation, he asks Nanako if she can come to his home or not, she then agreed and follows Yuuma back to his home. After back home, Yuuma feel nervous due to the fact Nanako is in his home. Nanako stated it's okay to do "it" as long as it's Yuuma, Yuuma then wanted to kisses her but she stopped it and said they should taking a photo first. During Yuuma taking photos, Nanako kissed Yuuma's face. Soon, Yuuma noticed his smartphone shows a strange scene and suddenly become flashy, which caused Yuuma sent into the Real Account internet world.

After being sent into the internet world, Yuuma wonders what's going on. He saw Marble and stated that everyone was trapped into the Real Account internet world. Soon, Yuuma's smartphone is ringing and calls Nanako that he was transferred into somewhere else, she then stated that what Marble said is true due to TV showing the Real Account world's scenes and that his body is still in his home. Yuuma has completely no idea what's going on currently and Marble announced they will play a small trial named "True Follower Diagnosis", to seeing how many followers still want to follow the players even if they will be kills soon. Yuuma, at first, believed his followers will not unfollow him due to they're his friends, he then shocked that a lot of followers unfollow him. After Yuuma's followers reduced to only one, he wonders who's it and it's Nanako. Yuuma then talk with Nanako and said that he realized that the friendship in internet was fake, but Nanako stated that she will unfollow him due to she is too scared. This caused Yuuma feel despair and wonders if he will die soon. Soon, Yuuma realized he should not die and finding a solution of how to survive. Yuuma soon saw Ayame Kamijou crying that her brother wants to unfollow her, he then come close to her and said she need to "combine" with him. Ayame misunderstood Yuuma's words and thought he wants to having sex with her, Yuuma explains that they should follows their account each other. Because of this, Yuuma and Ayame survived the trial. Soon, Yuuma wonders what's number Ayame is but she's crying due to the fact her brother unfollow her. Yuuma slapped Ayame's face and tells her must survives but Ayame slapped him back. She said that Yuuma is a bad person for slaps a girl, she also said that she should be the one who said this and she will have kill him if he died.

Soon when No Like! Game started, Yuuma told Ayame to have works together but Ayame shows an annoyed face and said why would she works together with him, which makes him thinks what's wrong with her and wonder what kind of person she is. When Chiho Fujimaki's naked image showed in the big screen, Yuuma said that the trial is troublesome while giving a thumb at Chiho. Ayame asking what's that thumb for and Yuuma said he didn't giving a thumb at all. Soon after figured out how to surpass the trial, he decided to taking a brunch of photos of his "ugly" face. This caused everyone looking at Yuuma and wonder what's he doing. Ayame tells Yuuma don't fooling around but he said he is serious about this. Yuuma stated that if anyone taking a bad photos they will able to surpass the trial when those photos shows on big screen. Soon when it's Yuuma's turn and shows an random image on big screen, he was disappointed at his bad photo wasn't shows up and wonder why did he taking an meaningless image. This caused Yuuma have a hard time for this and keep thinking which button should he choose to, until he realized that there's one more button that can be chosen (Which was hidden on a box that players put their smartphone in). Because of Yuuma discovered the third button and clicked on it, he is able to surpassed the trial.

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit

Appearance in Other MediaEdit

Magazine Boys' Valentine!Edit

Yuuma appeared in the bonus chapter Magazine Boys' Valentine!. In the bonus chapter, it is revealed that Yuuma masturbates 9 times a week.


  • Prediction - Thanks to Magura gives Yuuma an Dynamic Password, he is allowed to use "the power of the God". Yuuma can predict anything and the chance have at least 95% true. Though Yuuma lost this ability after he defeated Zui.



  • Yuuma has received four kisses in the series so far, the first kiss is from Nanako, the second and third kiss from Ayame. The fourth from Mizuki.
  • Yuuma may be a Street Fighters fans since he did a Denji Hadoken (In which the pose look similar to Denjin Hadoken) move in Chapter 141.
  • Yuuma has be awaken into the third stage of "symptom" in three times so far. The first time was when Ataru showed Nanako's "head" in front of him, the second time is after Airi's death, and the third time is when Ayame injured herself with Mizuki's knife in order to requests Hako's help. Although it's returned to the second stage afterward.
  • Yuuma's wish that want to be archive by Marble is "Goes to school and live together with Nanako and the friends he meet at Real Account death games."
  • Yuuma may be ambiguously bisexual. As he seems to not mind getting intimately close to males (going as far as to letting Mizuki nuzzle and touch him as well as actually kissing him with no hesitation in Chapter 175). In a mini chapter, Ayame seems to confirm that Yuuma swings both ways.[1]
    • After having a phone call with Chiho, Chiho asks "So Yuuma-kun really does swing both ways huh?" which Ayame answers with "I guess so.."


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